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Feel free use an alias if the story is too outrageous……

Let’s be for real not every encounter goes as we plan, not for the hobbyist not for the provider. Hey I put on a hell of show I consider myself and entertainer and like any entertainer there are bloopers (not on tape duh) that has occurred.

#1Guy that wanted me to torture his balls. I look at him and ask him are you sure? He insist (Never again will I do that) okay I pretend to go to the kitchen and get water and whisper to myself (Oh my God, at least for 5 seconds) by the way 2nd week of my career.

#2 Open the door and let him in, giving him a tour of the incall and I fall on my face, I played it off and turn around and turn it into a floor and wall move like you see at the strip clubs. He claps not knowing I almost killed myself LOL

#3 I have a shoulder that dislocates time and time again. So I’m doing RCG and this guy yanks my arm and my shoulder dislocates. He couldn’t see my face when it dislocated, of course I collapse (In position still) and start massaging his balls with my hands, while riding him, he loves it. He likes “wow that feels great, no one has done that before” (Of course not many people’s shoulder comes out of it’s socket during sex) He can’t see me I’m sweating and in pain “Oh my God does it feel good” I couldn’t even say that in a sexy voice I was just whispering it (Hey the show must go on)

#4 Anal Guy this guy thought(He saw the my pics oh yeah and that ad for the week that said Curvy, no he wanted to do acrobats with this leggy curvy bitch I was like OK) I was a spinner and wanted to do some crazy anal position…..needless to say we both tipped over. I can’t begin to explain my laughter spell after that. Yeah a nice black and Blue but hysterical.

#5 I get the chair for someone and I have no idea how he missed it and just fell (I’m aways laughing and pranking ppl so you can imagine how hard it was for me not to laugh. Disclaimer: He missed the chair I didn’t prank him) I think I broke out into a cold sweat, because I wanted to laugh so hard.

#6 Guy DATY hears a song on the radio and while dinning he starts singing. I’m “what are you doing?” He like “It’s my favorite song in the whole wide world I have to sing it no matter what” I spend literally 1/2 an hr laughing I couldn’t stop.

Your Turn: Things that didn’t go as you planned/bloopers :) …. write it here