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Hey guys,
A few years ago, my wife told me she had had an affair. Furthermore, she said she did it because she suspected me of having an affair. Long conversation… lots of emotions… but long story short, I told her about my hobbying and we arrived at a deal, where we would have an “open marriage”, with both of us allowed to date and sleep with others, as long as we tell each other about it, in as much detail as our partner wants.

Just by way of background, she’s still good looking and her weight is the same as when we were married, even though she’s had kids. Fast forward four years, and she’s seen a number of other guys, including an old boyfriend from before we were married. She’s had sex with many of them, and amazing sex with some. At the same time, we’re closer than ever and our sex life has never been better. We tell each other everything about the girls I’m seeing and the guys she’s seeing. It gives us great ideas of new things to do in bed. And I get revved up and competitive and I up my game whenever she tells me about the great sex she had with someone else. I still hobby with younger girls, mostly blondes in their 20’s, and I enjoy that as much as she enjoys her tall, muscular guy friends with big cocks. I know it’s a little odd (maybe a lot odd), but I wanted to ask if any of you have had this kind of experience. Or, if not, would you do something like this with your wife/GF?….