Happy, consenting adults? Or exploitation?…


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… posted by ROThornhill3

I’ve been in this hobby for three years now, and I’ve had the privilege of connecting with some of the most remarkable, charming, captivating, sexy ladies I’ve ever known. And I’ve had some situations where it was really clear she’d rather not be in the room with me.

Now, we’re in a moment with much greater awareness of gender power dynamics, sexual harassment, and personal agency. I’ve done a lot of learning, and it’s all been good for me. But it’s made me take a deep look at this hidden part of my life, and is making me wonder just how much I’m part of the problem. I’d like to hear from providers. How do you see us clients? How can I be sure I’m engaging with someone who’s willing and gladly providing me the service of connection and companionship and physicality and EROS, as opposed to someone who may feel pressured into doing something she’d rather not be doing? How can I be sure I’m not doing any harm, without giving up sex completely – which is what would happen if I left the hobby behind? Please let me have it. I want to know what you think……