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Little Things … What are some little things that make a difference?

Fella’s and ladies what are some little things that can make or break the experience for you? Example maybe the room is lit with candles, she has extra clean towels, maybe she cuddles? Maybe she dressed up and put thought on how she presented herself.

What are some so small items that could break the date, tardiness, lack of communication, meaning not prompt on replying to messages etc?

I personally like to offer a drink, I keep my go-to drink on hand and love to have a drink before or after depending on the vibe I get from my company. I like to cuddle tons and always keep the room smelling fresh and candle lite to set the mood but sometimes the candles run out lol.   How about you ladies? Anything special you do? I would love to pick up some new good treatment perks for my company.
Read the conversation here: http://buff.ly/2qxJji0