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Posted by Debra_Hollander

I’m not much of a dirty-talker but can sometimes get into it when my partner is a skilled and cunning linguist.

However, I have to wonder where the common boundaries are….. that is to say, what do most people feel is going too far?

Personally, there seems to be a difference between these two statements: “suck that cock real good”   and “you’re a real cocksucker”….. although I don’t object to either, I prefer the former.

And likewise: “suck that cock, you dirty slut” vs  “suck that cock like the whore you are”.  (The latter made me burst out laughing; I don’t why, I just did lol!)

Other phrases that seem to have a different tone to them, “I’m going to fuck your pussy so hard” and  “your cunt needs this hard cock”  OR  “you want this cum, don’t you?”  vs  “you want this cum, don’t you, you dirty bitch?”

To me, this is all fantasy, and although I prefer to be forewarned that someone really gets into dirty talk (so I don’t burst out laughing, thus breaking the mood) they’re really all just words which have only the power the listener gives them.

Sticks and stones and all that….

But what do YOU feel would be crossing the line?