Proper Etiquette/Introductions????

Is “hey” or “what up” the standard introduction for getting in touch with a provider or anyone for that matter? Lately an influx of lame in word or one liner attempts to meet up. Also alot of asking about rates…which are clearly stated on my webpage and most ads. I’ve been saying “no thanks” alot more lately due to the nature of messages received, like not being willing to fill out verification or even tell me your name or info I’ve asked for. Or the guy who wants to know specific services for details,rates etc.
Call me old fashioned but whatever happened to actual introductions and possibly reading the website when provided?
Afterall,it looks as if most ladies bust their butts to make their sites look awesome and professional.   How do you like to introduce yourself to a potential provider or client?
Do you prefer to keep it short and sweet or give a bit more  information?
And ladies…how do you like to be first contacted when someone is seeking your services?
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