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I found this very interesting and insightful. It would be fascinating to hear any commentary on it from both ESCORTS and clients.

The articles categorizes clients into these reasons for seeing ESCORTS. I think this is a useful framework but I see myself straddling #2,6, and 8 rather than being solidly in any of the individual categories. I’d easily pick 8 if I had to choose only one, though.


1- Some have difficulty finding a partner for a conventional relationship

2- Some are unsatisfied with their current partnered relationship

3- Some patronize sex workers in order to bolster their masculinity

4- Some seek to abuse other people and target sex workers because they are viewed as accessible and unlikely to report victimization to the police

5- Some are looking to fulfill a fantasy with a person who will engage in desired activities (such as role playing or sadomasochism), someone with a desired physical appearance, ethnicity, or cultural background (often based on stereotypes of other nationalities), or someone of a different sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual men experimenting with gay or transgender individuals; heterosexual women seeking lesbian experiences, etc.)

6- Some buy sex because they find it risky, thrilling, or sporting (calling themselves hobbyists)

7- Some wish to avoid the obligations or emotional complications involved in a conventional relationship

8- Some seek a limited romantic or emotional connection in addition to or instead of a purely physical experience….

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