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This is the first of several things we hope to incorporate into TER community this year.!!

We will have a Ms. Photogenic each month which will be based on the number of likes your photo receives on the Photo Only Board.  You can qualify for this title once in the year.

At the end of the year, we will tabulate the likes for the photos throughout the entire year, and have a Ms. Photogenic 2017.

For Ms. TER, the selection process will be based on your interest in becoming Ms. TER,  as demonstrated by a video submission.  While members can ‘like’ your video, it is not the only criteria that determine Ms. TER.

– a new thread will be added to the Media Board titled Videos
– you must submit a video to this thread, within each quarter to be considered for Ms. TER

o Jan-March
o April-June
o July-Sept
o Oct-Dec

– Guidelines for the video (Video does not need to be a professionally made video)
1. Must not be over 2 minutes
2. The video does not need to show your face
3. In the video, you should tell us and members something about yourself
4. You can have someone else asking you questions or you can just talk about yourself
5. Be creative – you are marketing yourself
6. Must be willing to do another video, answering questions we provide (these would be the same type of questions we currently ask in the interview)

In addition to the video, we may take into consideration such things as your participation on the boards, comments from your reviewers, your creativity skills (savvy marketing) and drama.

TER will promote both the Ms. Photogenic and Ms. TER.