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Congratulations to Captivating Cory, Ms TER December 2016. She has been described as a talented vixen that is truly amazing. We think her attitude is shows why she is truly amazing.

TER: Are you working toward an ultimate goal? Or, do you find this work something you want to do in the long-term?
Captivatingcory: The goal at this point is to make a better than average living doing something I am not only passionate about and good at, but that is rewarding on many levels. My prior career was as a gifted, ethical massage therapist. I considered myself a healer. I feel very strongly that “Captivating Cory” is a healer as well. I touch peoples lives in such a profound way and at the deepest levels of intimacy, I do believe that I make a difference.
I don’t think that this will be a long term career path, after all, I am a mature provider. It is quite humbling to know that I still have what it takes to “stand out” and be recognized within this industry. I do believe that I have a gift, which is well served in this community of hobbyists. I passionately believe that I am making a difference and touching the lives of many in a way they may never have been touched before.

TER: What sort of qualities do you think one needs to possess or cultivate to be successful in this business?
Captivatingcory: This is a great question. There are quite a few qualities I believe one must possess and cultivate in order to be successful in this business. I have been told that the experience I offer goes above and beyond that of many. I am a perfectionist. I think few realize all the hats a dedicated provider needs to wear. I can honestly say that I have never worked so hard nor so many hours at any other career. However, I feel as if I am making a difference in the quality of life for some and that alone is quite a motivator.
In order to deliver an experience similar to what I desire to offer my clients, a companion must really be on the ball. She must be a sharp, committed and highly organized businesswoman. Common sense and using good judgment are skills that will serve her well. There is much behind the scenes effort involved. Because I want to represent myself, and my services, in only the highest regard, attention to detail is another quality needed. I am often up until the wee hours of the morning personally writing and answering emails, screening, organizing travel and hotel arrangements, editing pictures, advertisement, beauty regimens and maintenance.
As far as the encounter itself is concerned, I want to make each and every tryst that I facilitate a very spectacular moment in time for my clients. I want to “Rock Their World” and I hope that their memories will not be soon forgotten. The art of seduction and my desire to offer the best experience possible requires enthusiastic and thoughtful effort on my part. From the moment my date walks in the door until the moment he leaves, my attention to detail is what defines me. So being a skilled hostess, an exceptional homemaker, a great conversationalist, a good listener, a provocative entertainer are all excellent assets to have if you want to pamper your man like no other. Being a sensitive and patient caretaker and nurturer are value ad. Creativity, role-playing, being open to new ideas and having the perfect combination of naughty and nice are part of this exquisite recipe. Compassion, confidence, diligence, intelligence, enthusiasm, and having a sincere desire to offer only the best experience possible for your clients will serve her well. I for one, take great pride in the qualities I possess so I can be the best at providing the service I offer my admirers.

TER: Anything you wished you had known when you started?
Captivatingcory: I was fortunate enough to have had a mature provider take me under her wing when I started. She mentored and guided me, however I still made many mistakes. One thing I wish I had known was that TER is a huge source for comprehensive and valuable information. TER is a great place for answering so many of the questions I had and still have today. The Erotic Review offers and delivers an enormous wealth of suggestions for every question and nuance of this industry. I wish I had known back then how to utilize and take advantage of what this site has to offer the companion who is just getting started.

TER: Have you ever had second thoughts about this business?
Captivatingcory: Of course I have had second thoughts about this business. I don’t think anyone could honestly say that they haven’t. Not so much for my regard, but that of my friends and my family.

TER: How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services?
Captivatingcory: Every situation is unique. Thank goodness I have an amazing assistant, Katherine, aka “Kat” who expertly helps me with the “behind the scene” details of running this business. We are a team and I couldn’t succeed with out her. I always suggest the newcomer join one of the screening services and to become a member of TER. There are many times I feel it necessary to go above and beyond standard screening protocol and other times where things are more simplified. After screening, Kat and myself will try to deliver as much information to the clients possible to make his first experience safe and comfortable. Part of my gift is my ability to put most people that may be nervous, at ease. Perhaps it is a right of passage at my age to have the ability to guide, teach and to discuss with my clients what is expected of them as well as what they can expect from me. In closing, I do think that when my new client does venture on to his next encounter, the bar will be high.

TER: What are your suggestions to clients to make their encounter the most enjoyable?
Captivatingcory: I encourage my friends to take enough time in their day so that we have the opportunity to get to know one another or to catch up. Our engagement is never less than a relaxed two hour rendezvous. I ask my admirers to tell me where their daydreaming takes them when they think about their upcoming date with me and then to share those daydreams.. It is my greatest desire to command an exceptional and unforgettable experience for my friends. I let my admirers know that by me being aware of their deepest wishes, it actually excites me to no end. I am stimulating their imagination; something I feel is quite beneficial. I want to be the source of their creative and erotic inspiration. This communication of even the simplest requests can elicit a magical outcome which definitely makes for a more enjoyable and memorable occasion.

TER: What body part (of a man) turns you on (before you get all his clothes off)?
Captivatingcory: His eyes, to which I can see thru to his heart.

TER: What are your passions outside of this business?
Captivatingcory: My favorite passion at this time in my life is flying. I have shared this great passion with a special friend.
I love airports, FBO’S, air shows and jet-fuel. Weather conditions, topography, cloud formations, sunrises and sunsets at 27,000ft. I loved learning to fly, flying over Charleston (an inside joke), the fast pace energy, the peaceful energy, the awe inspiring feeling I get as I gaze beyond the nose of the plane. I love the mobility, the electronics, pre checks, and post checks, talking to the tower… Well, I guess you get the picture! There is nothing I don’t like about flying, even the delays that we all sometimes experience.

TER: Dose your family and friends know what you do?
Captivatingcory: Captivating Cory has recently come out of a four-year retirement. Prior to my departure, I did tell many people about my chosen path. When I retired I told some more of my friends and family members. Since returning to this provocative and stimulating life of which I feel I offer a great service, I have chosen not to tell many. There are those who I have made aware of this return but it is hard on them. I wish I was able to convey to them that what I am offering is a service just like a hair dresser or a massage therapist. It is something I happen to enjoy and it is something I am good at. I am so proud of the level of expertise I provide for my clients. It is too much for most to comprehend.

TER: What is your favorite type of music?
Captivatingcory: I am a dancer, I am an artist! I like music that I can move to and music that I can feel. Motown is a genre that I love as well as R&B, and music that is heavy on the brass. I appreciate talented musicians and artists. Making love to some of the all time greats can turn an ordinary date into a mind-blowing experience.

TER: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Captivatingcory: Nothing to feel guilty about! This attitude has been acquired from the experience of time and age only.

TER: What’s a typical day like for you?
Captivatingcory: Non stop! I never sit down. No two days are alike and there is always something that needs my attention.

TER: What do you like about living in Miami?
Captivatingcory: I am a native South Floridian. It is home and no matter where one is from, there is no place like home. I guess what I like the most about South Florida is never being cold and being able to wear next to nothing all year long.

TER: Describe yourself in three (3) words?
Captivatingcory: “LOVER OF LIFE”

TER: How do you stay in such good shape?
Captivatingcory: I have been blessed. For my age, I am in relatively good shape. I am never sedentary. Honestly, I never sit down. I don’t even own a TV. I attribute my physique and youthful appearance to be from a lifetime of eating food that is good for me, food that is packed with nutrition and not preservatives. Hippocrates, the father of medicine says, “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine and Thy Medicine Be Thy Food”. I was also a ballerina for 16 years. Dance was my major in college. Those years gave me an excellent foundation for great muscle tone and definition.

TER: Do you travel a lot?
Captivatingcory: I travel extensively. I love to travel. Most of my travel has been unrelated to work. Notably, I just started to tour for the first time just a few short months ago.

TER: What has been your favorite place to visit so far?
Captivatingcory: I have been to many. They are all my favorites at that moment in time. Quebec City, Switzerland and New Zealand are at the top of my list.

TER: Do you cook? What is your favorite dish to prepare?
Captivatingcory: Yes, I love to cook but I don’t do much of it these days. That may change soon as change is in the air. One of my most passionate times of food preparation was in my “Raw Foodie” days!

TER: What do you do in your free time?
Captivatingcory: I want to spend it all pampering and taking care of and being with my man! He is the Yin to my Yang!

TER: What you advice to the new providers who just starting up on TER?
Captivatingcory: Don’t stop! There is so much valuable information here and avenues to allow the TER community to know about you. Post a daily photo in the Photo Only section and post weekly ads.

TER: Is there something in your inner circle (family/friends) that you are famous for (cooking, singing, mechanical abilities, etc)?
Captivatingcory: I will make someone a good husband one day! I can fix just about anything.

TER: Anything else you would like to tell members about yourself?
Captivatingcory: I just want to say a simple thank you for all of your support and comments and wishes. I am feeling blessed and grateful.