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Clinically, this process is called
dissociation – the same psychological process which
permits you to survive if you’re being tortured.

The person who is for sale, is actually a pretend self.
But the problem is, over time, it becomes more and more
difficult to switch back to the real self. The emotionally
distanced self takes over more and more of the
private self.

In addition to shutting down emotionally, prostitutes
must shut down sexually. Then when they later want
to be sexually involved with someone they care about,
it is usually impossible to get turned on.”

The quote above is from a psychologist named Melissa Farley. Most providers deny that anything of the sort is happening.  Maybe it’s true for some, but not for others.  What do you think? Is there any truth to this?

Read the conversation here: http://buff.ly/2fk5x0H