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Congratulations to Jaydalee from Las Vegas., Ms. TER October, 2016.

This is her second time being Ms. TER.   She’s gets more beautiful with each photo we see. And, we think you agree! She’s a great conversationalist and as one member said, ‘She is kind of awesome’!



TER: How do you feel about being selected Ms TER again? How did it change your life when you won the first time?

Jaydalee: I am surprised, thankful, and very humbled to have won twice. I thank the TER community for this recognition again
After winning the first time, I had the opportunity to meet more gents that have became friends over time as well as quite a few providers. I broke out of my no traveling shell. Okay, I still have quite a ways to go but I started traveling a little more and I’m more open to traveling by request.

TER: Are you working toward an ultimate goal? Or, do you find this work something you want to do in the long-term?
Jaydalee:  I am working towards an ultimate goal. I would like to grow my business. I do see myself in this business for a long time whether it is as a provider or in some other kind of capacity in the adult industry.
I feel people should always have goals that we constantly work on and strive to achieve.

TER: What sort of qualities do you think one needs to possess or cultivate to be successful in this business?
Jaydalee: The qualities I think to be successful in this business is different for each person; we all have our own special niche whatever that may be to that individual.
I do feel that being customer oriented is a must, whether it be paying attention to details, responding and corresponding in a timely fashion or providing a great time
One should leave anything, personal issues for example, that hinders a good session, outside the door. One should have a positive and friendly attitude and they hopefully are interacting with the same like-minded individuals.
TER: Anything you wished you had known when you started?
Jaydalee:   How to be an independent provider from the beginning; I used to work for agencies.
However, without those experiences, I would not have never known what works for me and what does not. So, I took those past experiences, as well as mistakes, and learned and grew from them to become an independent provider.
Those past experiences, whether it was roadblocks or not knowing enough information to make the best decision early on, I feel has made me a better provider today.
And, I am still learning new things and ideas along the way.
Never heard of this site before becoming an independent a little over six years ago but I am happy to be here. I wish I was here sooner.


TER:   How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services?
Jaydalee: I welcome first timers and those with limited experiences as well as the gents who have been away for some time from this business. I handle it with patience and understand that many are nervous and not sure what to say or not to say. I like to meet first timers and talk a little, to get to know them and what their expectations are.
TER: Describe your dream date.
Jaydalee:   An extended date beginning in the daytime, spending time getting a relaxing couples massage. A small lunch and then on to adventure, like riding the Zipline or some outdoor activity. Changing attire having a wonderful dinner with great conversation a drink or two. Then, seeing a show that I have never seen before retiring behind closed doors.
TER: What is your favorite type of music?
Jaydalee:   I have a quite diverse musical taste. I listen to different genres from 70s, 80’s, pop, soft rock, and a little old school hip-hop. However I am a HUGE smooth jazz fan.
TER: What do you like about living in Las Vegas ?
Jaydalee: It is the city to be; everyone has a good time when they come here.
Las Vegas has something for everyone – the business traveler who is here for a convention or a meeting, people who come here to enjoy the nightlife or the pools in the summer, especially the topless ones which are a sight to see or great shows for the non-gamblers who want to get away from the casino scene.
I like the fact that Vegas is a 24hr town; where else can you get a steak or whatever you have a taste for after 10pm whether it is a week night or weekend?
We have some of the best restaurants and hotels. Some really great local restaurants that are open late and offer great food, service, and atmosphere.
TER: How do you stay in such good shape?
Jaydalee: I work out and try to stay consistent with exercising.
Whether it is walking so much distance a day or going to the gym.
TER: Do you travel a lot?
Jaydalee: I have traveled more this year but I still have many places I would like to visit for the first time, such as Miami and Boston.
Some cities I had so much fun in I would love to revisit.
I want to visit NYC and Chicago again. I love going back to my hometown SF Bay Area so I would like to do that more often.
I want to travel to Italy and Paris and those are the two places that are goals of mine for 2017.

TER: What do you do in your free time?
Jaydalee: I am an avid reader. I read quite a few books within a week or two. I read Self-help, fiction, non-fiction mysteries, and I like to read about cars.
I also like to experience new and different cuisines and restaurants, spend time with friends and family as well as my little dog that I rescued from the shelter.
Of course, I also like experiencing the nightlife in Vegas every now and then, whether it is a club or lounge with music. I also like to dance and work out.