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Posted 10/21/2016  Leo501

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I love the look of piercings but am still undecided on whether I enjoy them being worn by a woman when I’m with her, if they kind of override the focus on just the flesh, or if they heighten it all.

My experienced is limited- 1 provider with 1 nip, and 1 provider with both nips and a clit hood piercing. Based on this, I enjoyed the horseshoe-shaped nip rings over the barbell type. There’s more to pull on with my mouth and fingers, and it seemed to make things very pleasurable for her. I didn’t care for the clit hood piercing, but again, it was like a map to her pleasure and you know why it’s there.

This just means more experimentation is required.

Opinions and preferences? Any regrets by providers who got them? Any males with their own piercings? I’ve thought of getting my own but nothing yet, & don’t know if I ever will.

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