Congratulations to Bombshell Blake, Ms TER September 2016!!!

Congratulations to Bombshell Blake, Ms TER September 2016. Blake is fairly new to TER, joining the TER family in 2015. Los Angeles is a very lucky city. Wow! seems to be the best way to describe her and members seem to agree.


TER: Do you travel a lot?
Blake: Traveling is my favorite pastime. I love to experience the foods, architecture, languages, history, struggles and successes of a new and unique culture. I go to Europe 2-3 times a year to vacation with friends and family. This year I spent time in Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, and I just got back from Italy. I try to go scuba diving at least once a year, typically somewhere tropical like Belize or Turks and Caicos. Then of course I travel domestically to visit family in friends in cool cities like Seattle, Miami, and Chicago.

TER: What has been your favorite place to visit so far?
Blake: I studied oil painting in the South of France for a couple of years in my mid 20s. While there I had a chance to explore many cool places, but my safari through Tunisia in North Africa took the cake. We rode camels in the Sahara Desert, broke bread with cave people, and took in the majestic of the blue Mediterranean against the white stucco city of Tunis. Now my favorite place to visit is the South of France because of the lingering nostalgia of such an extraordinary and impressionable time in my life.

TER: Where do you want to visit and why?
Blake: I have a bucket list the size of Kilimanjaro, but I think there’s two top places I must visit next that are an outdoor lover’s paradise. First, I’d love an adventure in New Zealand where I can scuba and ski and everything in between. Second, I’d love to backpack Patagonia, Chile. Make my way south to the ice caves. Perhaps hop over to Antarctica…

TER: You mentioned, you will try almost anything once. Do you have a wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this’ thing?
Blake: I think you just described my life! I have done a lot of crazy things like sky-diving, swimming with sharks, running a marathon or picking up and moving to a new country by myself.
Deciding to be a companion and actually seeing my first client was admittedly on that list. Honestly my biggest “I can’t believe I’m doing this” moment came when I received my Master’s Degree. Perhaps it was mixed with, “I can’t believe this is finally over!”

TER: How do you stay in such good shape?
Blake: My soft athletic curves are the result of a delicate balance between masochistic endurance training and a mac and cheese obsession. I am a distance runner, road cyclist, mountain biker, triathlete, and yogi. Once I recover from an ankle injury, my friend and I will be running across the Grand Canyon, for fun! I eat pretty healthy; I would be full blown vegan if I didn’t have chocolate and cheese in my blood. They keep me curvy LOL.

TER: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Blake: Haha. I have a lot of pleasures but no guilt.

TER: What sort of qualities do you think one needs to possess or cultivate to be successful in this business?
Blake: I believe certain qualities are innate, such as a genuine affection for people and a fun, authentic spirit. There are three keys to success that I have learned and apply in all that I do. First, hard work: I always give my best regardless of the task at hand. Second, respect: It’s important to show respect to others, and perhaps even more important to learn to love yourself. Third, calculated risks: Once I reach a certain level of success, I am not afraid to go big and step up my business and my brand to reach new goals. I have an insatiable appetite to learn and grow in all aspects.

TER: Have you ever had second thoughts about this business?
Blake: Never. I am fortunate to have had only positive experiences since I started my business about a year and a half ago. I feel empowered and grateful for the wonderful people I have met and the memories we share. Because I have a successful career as a business exec outside of the hobby, I have the flexibility to see only who I want, when I want. Any red flags or incompatibilities, and I politely pass. I’m pretty good about balancing a very full and multi-faceted life so that I don’t burnout.

TER: How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services?
Blake: I have a real gift for making people feel at ease. I provide a safe space to be and feel and do exactly what each individual needs. My hopes are to bring newbies into this world with high standards and expectations. You deserve the best and I love showing you what that means. Even if it ruins you.

TER: Describe your dream date.
Blake: I have two versions. One, a day of adrenaline filled fun, perhaps four-wheeling or riding roller coasters followed by an elegant evening with dinner and the theater. Two, cuddled up on the couch with Netflix and coffee ice cream.

TER: Do your family and friends know what you do?
Blake: I am fortunate to have very supportive people in my life. My closest friends know what I do; they trust my judgement and know that I am not reckless. If anything, I’m quite the opposite. I value their advice and appreciate having a safe haven to process, vent, and laugh. They are proud of me and together we celebrate my successes.


Congratulations to Captivating Cory,   our runner-up. Ahhh, a red-head, what could be more captivating?

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