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Congratulations to LaRue McCay, Ms. TER August 2016. LaRue has been part of TER since 2006. She only keeps looking better, don’t you guys agree? LaRue has a love of animals and enjoys travel and getting to know people. She truly is an exceptional person.


TER: Are you working toward an ultimate goal? Or, do you find this work something you want to do in the long-term?
Larue McCay: This is my long-term career. I worked in corporate America for years before becoming a provider and now I never plan on leaving.

TER: When do you feel it would be time to quit?
Larue McCay: When there is not a demand for me anymore.

TER: What sort of qualities do you think one needs to possess or cultivate to be successful in this business?
Larue McCay: Never be judgmental. Everyone has a kink. I also feel you have to have a good code of business ethics and treat the industry as, a business, be honest , humble and remember, we are all people.

TER: Anything you wished you had known when you started?
Larue McCay: Start saving from day one.

TER: Have you ever had second thoughts about this business?
Larue McCay: Not once; it has always felt like the perfect job for me.

TER: How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services?
Larue McCay: With humor. I find that first timers are often very nervous, so I try to take the extra time to chat at the start of our meeting and get them to laugh and relax. I let them know they can be open about their wants or needs.

TER: What are your suggestions to clients to make their encounter the most enjoyable?
Larue McCay: Relax, Laugh, and have a good time. Always communicate to your provider exactly what you are seeking, because she cannot read your mind.

TER: What are your passions outside of this business?
Larue McCay: I am an animal rescue volunteer and have been for 6 years.

TER: Do your family and friends know what you do?
Larue McCay: Yes, everyone knows. I live my life in the open. I enjoy what I do and don’t hide it. If someone doesn’t agree with what I do for work, then that is their problem, not mine.

TER: What is the best concert you have attended?
Larue McCay: I don’t go to many concerts but love the Electric Daisy Carnival.

TER: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Larue McCay: Yes, it’s called the art of doing nothing… lol. Binging on Syfy shows on the couch with my 6 dogs, coffee and sugar.

TER: What’s a typical day like for you?
Larue McCay: A day in my life consists of caring for my 6 dogs, and 3 senior cats. The dogs take a lot of my time. Answering emails from clients, checking the TER board, updating twitter etc. I also run a facebook page called Las Vegas Animals In Need , which I update through the day and answer rescue emails asking for help. I also drag myself to the gym each day for at least an hour.

TER: What do you like about living in Las Vegas?
Larue McCay: The consist sunshine and lack of natural disasters

TER: Do you have any hidden talents?
Larue McCay: I use to be (still can perform) a fire eater / fire fan performer.

TER: Describe yourself in three (3) words?
Larue McCay: Modest, Sincere, And Loveable

TER: Do you travel a lot?
Larue McCay: I have and still try to. So far I have 11 countries in my passport.

TER: What has been your favorite places to visit so far?
Larue McCay: Bali, Indonesia and Caye Caulker, Belize

TER: Where do you want to visit and why?
Larue McCay: South Africa in 2018 is next to see the animals in the wild and volunteer.

TER: What is your favorite food?
Larue McCay: Seafood and after that, good old pizza

TER: Do you have a favorite sport or sport team?
Larue McCay: No, I have never been into sports.

TER: What do you do in your free time?
Larue McCay: I live a pretty quiet life. I actually like to read a good book when I can, watch syfy shows, spend time with my 6 dogs and go to eat with friends and family, and of course, my volunteer work

TER: Anything else you would like to tell members about yourself?
Larue McCay: Becoming a provider was (still is) the best choice I ever made for myself. I enjoy what I do and admire the women whom I have met and now consider friends. Do what you love and the money will follow. Being a provider as allowed me to live the life I want and dedicate myself to causes I find important.


Congratulations to Sonia Blue, our runner-up. She’s another unforgettable Las Vegas beauty.