Congratulations to Ilara Santos, Ms TER July 2016!!

She has been described as fun, smart, witty and gorgeous. We love her videos. Check them out on her website.


TER: Are you working toward an ultimate goal? Or, do you find this work something you want to do in the long-term?
Ilara: I believe I will do this long-term. I do not believe that retirement is anywhere in my future. Yes, I’ve other business ventures but this business keeps me sane and exercises my demons. I would just get too bored staying at home not doing anything. The excitement and the rush that I get from this lifestyle is much more rewarding and fulfilling than my previous corporate job. This is not a job, it is something that fills a void like an undescribable need but whatever it is, it feels great and I love it. I’m very happy with it.

TER: When do you feel it would be time to quit?
Ilara: Oh boy, perhaps the day I can’t bring a smile to myself from this industry.

TER: What sort of qualities do you think one needs to possess or cultivate to be successful in this business?
Ilara: One thing is for sure you must enjoy making others happy. You must be open and you must also enjoy giving. This turns us into therapist, friend and confidant. I truly love what I do and the personal happiness. This business has opened my eyes to so many things. I didn’t think I’d ever be in this business but the rewards are too many and the best part is knowing I bring joy to many. Everyone loves to be loved. I love how one is real and filter free when they come to see me. I know they come to me without the everyday mask. I get the real deal. I get more than they let on to their civilian relationships. I’m there for many occasions. This is a people business; if you don’t like people then this is not for you. I love people and I love making people happy. I enjoy giving.

TER: Anything you wished you had known when you started?
Ilara: Wish I’d started sooner.

TER: Have you ever had second thoughts about this business?
Ilara: Never a second thought. I began and never looked back. I discovered so many new great qualities about myself that I never revealed.

TER: How do you handle first-timers or those who have limited experience with escort services?
Ilara: With first timers I allow them to do all the talking, to get it all out. I go with their pace and reassure them. They leave with the Superman cape, ready to rock the world.

TER: What are your suggestions to clients to make their encounter the most enjoyable?
Ilara: My suggestion is to relax. There is no manual, only to be well mannered and come as you are. There’s nothing to prove. Sit back, relax and be my 007.

TER: What are your passions outside of this business?
Ilara: I volunteer at a local organization. It’s very close to my heart.

TER: Do your family and friends know what you do?
Ilara: My friends know. My family pretends they don’t know, lol. They are very accepting but never discuss it. My married friends live in excitement thru me. My circle of friends is small obviously.

TER: What is the best concert you have attended?
Ilara: The Mark Anthony concert.

TER: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Ilara: I’m guilty of watching too much Netflix and indulging in guava pastelitos (pastries) from the local bakery. You know, like eating rocky road ice cream while watching romantic comedies, etc.

TER: What’s a typical day like for you?
Ilara: I wake up, go work out, answer emails and get ready for the day’s adventure because there is never a dull moment. I feel like 007 sometimes, lol

TER: What do you about living in Miami?
Ilara: Miami caters to the rich, the middle class and the poor with something for everyone. My favorite place is Wynnwood Arts District in Miami. My favorite restaurant is Mr. Chows on South Beach. Love the sexy vibe in there.

TER: Do you have any hidden talents?
Ilara: Love to dance. (singing, dancing, etc)

TER: Describe yourself in three (3) words?
Ilara: Humble, funny, sympathetic

TER: Do you travel a lot?
Ilara: Yes, I travel very much. Now, more in the US but my love of worldwide travel never ceases to exist.

TER: What has been your favorite place to visit so far?
Ilara: My favorite city is Barcelona.

TER: Where do you want to visit and why?
Ilara: i would love to visit Tibet to venture in the temple and retreat with the monks.

TER: What is your favorite food?
Ilara: I love Cuban food.

TER: Do you have a favorite sport or sport team?
Ilara: Basketball! The Miami Heat is my favorite team.

TER: What do you do in your free time?
Ilara: I volunteer and I’m an avid reader. I also spend quality time with friends, family and attending culinary courses overseas.

TER: Anything else you would like to tell members about yourself?
Ilara: Thank you for this great honor and thank you for letting me in your private world.


Congratulations to AngelinaDDD our runner-up for July. A beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile.



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