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I found today review of one o ladies…. and I’m like WoW

“…Oh then she proceeded to tell me how she went down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to break God himself out of a robotic prison but then had to kill him a week later for being an alien, hence giving her the title of God(dess) now…”


“…I didn’t embrace all of her bizarre beliefs about her rescuing God from where he had been imprisoned at the bottom of the sea and the rest of the stuff.  Being with her is like being in a scene from The Little Mermaid and The Matrix, while experiencing an amazing massage….”


“…After all, this is the woman who not only freed God from his imprisonment but if fearful that Satan will attack her through one of her clients if he is a “puppet” to use her word in her Matrix-like world, so she has some ability to do battle…”

Did any of you really had that kind of situations going on in the time of your session ???


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