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Disclaimer (Not a Provider Related Injury):
A couple of weeks ago I had an issue where I didn’t limber/stretch/warm-up enough for action. Heat of the moment, off to the bedroom, ‘pants and boxers barely got to my knees as she raised her skirt to ride me’ kind of action. The result was that after a few energetic thrusts, playing the bucking bronco for my cowgirl… I pulled my damned right hamstring!
She thought she’d done something wrong as I suddenly went flaccid, rolled her off me and screamed for a minute like a 4 y.o. girl being chased by closet monsters. I went on to my stomach and asked her to remove my clothes then flex my leg up to try to relax the muscles and get me some ice. After about 30 mins of nursing attention, she said I wasn’t getting off the hook that easy. Since I was already on my stomach, she reasoned that I would DATY until she finished. Not sure if ‘cripple guy eating me out’ was on her list of fantasies to fulfill, but a man like myself always pays his debts – even when he has a pain in his ass.

I’d like to think I keep in reasonable shape. I’ve pulled my hammy only once before but that was years ago during high school sports. This was the first time during sex.

Any of you have any stories to share? : http://buff.ly/1sAN9qZ