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I’m finding that lately I am ultra sensitive to bodily odors, especially those of the vaginal origin and it becomes a turn-off. There are some women (whom I love and have become my ATFs) that have zero odor despite 2hrs of probing/rubbing/licking and general balls to the wall fucking. However one that saw recently was so bad, it took a few dozen washes to get the smell off my fingers. I’m pretty sure it isn’t about being clean or not, sometimes it’s food or Ph balance or not knowing that they are allergic to latex.

My question is, ladies what is the best way to convey that feedback if I should do so at all? In the example above, the sex itself was fantastic we hit it off and had a great connection. However I wasn’t comfortable enough to talk to her about the smell. There is me being sensitive, but in this case it was so strong I can’t imagine it was just me. In some cases it makes sense to put in a review, in others maybe not.

read the conversation here: http://buff.ly/1W0r3Kt