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Any collectors out there? I often wonder if there are people that collect things, anything from sexual to non sexual.

Personally I collect Teddy bears, anything with the Welsh Corgi (My all time favorite dog breed, I have 3) and Lingerie (Lingerie, I collected wayyyy before  I got into the lifestyle even when I was like 400lbs I found sexy stuff, the lace, the satin omg my lingerie collection was/is enormous. I have limited edition lingerie that I don’t wear for no one not clients not my SO not anyone. Only reserved for special photoshoots. I have one that can be seen on my mannequin in one of my photos. Just crazy, never to impress any man/woman just for me for my eyes. Displayed in my dressing room.

Do you guys collect anything? Met a gent that had the biggest porn collection I’ve ever seen (it was an outcall) , just seeing tapes/dvds/mags of it and his passion was crazy, another gent had an impressive wine cellar.

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