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Okay so last week I was really really freaked out. I couldn’t ask this man what was wrong with his BALLS. (I felt bad I knew it wasn’t an STD)  No discharge, no bad odor, no open sores, perfect penis but his balls scared the hell out of me, you would think they were going to bite me. His balls LITERALLY were the size of coconuts and okay some guys have huge balls…fine. What scared me about his balls were that they were as hard, seriously, as hard as rock. I thought he had a tumor :-O if i was a doctor or in this case a provider I would think it was Elephantiasis. The more I try to run away from them the more they touched my arm. I didn’t want to go near them, I was nice but inside I wanted to say “Please have your balls checked out” Of course he didn’t get treated differently, I treat everyone the same, but I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Ball experts?

Weird things you seen on someone’s body that makes you say “Wow” (not wow in an impressed way wow in an OMG way)

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