Any of you men no longer view your wife as a woman?

My wife has no arousal mechanism whatsoever.  Nothing can be done by me to get her horny.  Dry as the desert.  Worse…cum makes her gag which means no BJ or HJ for me.  She doesn’t like to receive oral either.  There is no heavy breathing and no passion.  Doesn’t like to be touched at night while sleeping so in all the years I’ve been married I’ve never been able to hold her or be held by her in the middle of the night.  In other words, my bed feels empty at night.  She is willing to cuddle other times…I’m just saying my bed feels empty at night.

She has no sexual fantasies at all.  I love talking about sex with a woman and I find it very intimate.  With her…nothing to talk about.

She really gets no pleasure from touching me sexually.  She will do it out of love but doesn’t enjoy it.

She was willing to have sex but it was just really, really unsatisfying for me.  About 2 years ago I had enough and I refused to ever have sex with her again.  I told her for the rest of our marriage I’ll never have sex with her again.

While intellectually I know she is a woman, I no longer really think of her as a woman.  I look at normal women and think, “wow, what would life be like had I married her?”  My wife to me is now more of a blank.  I love her…but honestly don’t think of her as a woman.

Anyone else feel that way about your wife?

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  1. You are not alone. Unfortunately, a lot of my regular clients are in similar marriages. I personally can’t understand these women. I love sex, men, cum, etc. I was once married to a man with a very low sex drive and I couldn’t handle it. My heart goes out to all those trapped in a sexless marriage. My opinion is that sex is supposed to be one of the perks to bring married.
    Jessica Knightly


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