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I am going to try to keep my posts as gender neutral as I can. In my last thread I only mentioned male hobbyists and female providers, but I got an email from a female hobbyist asking me to use more gender neutral language when posting in general section since there are female hobbyists out there. I would like to apologize for mishap and will try to do better in the future. If I f.. up again, it is not intentional. My respect to all female hobbyists out there.

In any case, there is something I want to talk about. Every now and then I get a client who puts a cologne on private parts. But the problem is during BBBJ action all I get to taste is bitter taste of cologne. I want to taste the person not the cologne. I do not want to swallow chemicals, so I have to spit out a few times during the action and it ruins the experiences for both. Why some do it? ( in my experience it is often guys of Italian heritage lol #sorryaboutit)  Do providers out there put perfume or lotions on their privates right before the session?How would hobbyists feel about taste perfume and lotion instead of natural tastes when doing daty.

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