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The prime reason I see for fake reviews is to game the system for VIP access.  Another is to give a significantly shitty score & review to troll a provider for whatever reason.

Suggestion:  TER should have the ability to generate a unique alpha-numeric code upon provider request.  Similar to a CAPTCHA code, it is unique and good for a limited time frame (30-45 days max).  It would be secure, and shall not allow a provider to back-trace the true identify of a reviewer.

When a guy requests an appointment, he requests a review code from the provider.  The provider logs into a TER provider section, requests an automated code they can give to the monger.  Reviewers  enter the code when they submit a review.

This would allow two kinds of reviews: Confirmed or Unconfirmed.  Like a score and review that sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the majority of other reviews, Unconfirmed reviews can be taken with a grain of salt in determining whether to see someone or not.

It also allows a reviewer to be provided with a percentage of Confirmed vs Unconfirmed reviews.  If you click on a reviewers’ profile, along with the number and names of reviews, it indicates whether they are Confirmed or Unconfirmed reviews.  Someone with 90% Unconfirmed, it’s pretty certain they are full of shit.  Also, Unconfirmed reviews don’t count towards VIP status.

Just a thought…

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