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What is up with that?every guy who emails me mentioned how often they work out , and that they are in amazing shape and looking super handsome and much young…and gift of gods to women in general…why all men think girls are into the same type of guys…i personally like older men who look older and don’t try too hard to fool the time and i prefer guys over 200lb…a little gut on a guy and cheeky face actually turns me on more than hard muscles, jet black colored hair, lipo, plastic surgeries etc


it is up to other people to decide if you are gl or vgl

besides it is not really masculine to ring your own bell…make it stop please:))

lets not to forget to mention how a lot of guys mention in the first email how large they are and their amazing daty skills:)))

do other providers experience the same? and why you guys even bother to mention how often you work out when contacting the provider?do you think if you would not mention that, that gives you less chances to get a date?

cannot wait to hear opinions

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