Sugar Baby hobby versus this hobby…

Like some others on this board, I have been doing the whole sugar baby dating thing for at least a year now. And I’ve found it to be pretty satisfying overall. But the more I do it, the more I’ve been noticing sort of a trend. And it’s a trend that wasn’t as prevalent even last year; or at least it doesn’t seem that way.

But what I’ve been noticing lately is that half the time, I can barely make out a distinction anymore between “that hobby” and THIS hobby. And the movement I see is more of a convergence. It’s not as if the sugar babies are simply becoming more like providers (which they are), but with the popularity of the “girlfriend experience,” it’s like the providers are also stealing a page out of the sugar baby playbook.

Take this past Thursday night: I met a girl from a sugar baby site out for drinks and she basically offered me the girlfriend experience. We got a hotel and got down to business. At the end of the night I give her a money gift for “bills,” and then we part ways.

Two days later, I meet a provider at a hotel. I drop the “gift” on the table. We get down to business … she offers me the girlfriend experience and then I’m off to catch a taxi home.

Only real difference between the two encounters I can think of … was that I met the SB out for drinks first. So it sort of felt a little bit more like meeting a civie. But then again, a lot of providers will do that too if you want. The other part was the donation. There wasn’t a fixed amount or a requirement for it with the SB, but there is a very well-established unwritten / unspoken code of honor that she’s going to get some help “with school.” :-) And of course, a lot of the time, there is an outright contractual agreement … but even that part I am seeing going out the window. More and more, these girls aren’t even asking if we can sit down and discuss an arrangement or an allowance. They’re just looking for some quick cash any way they can get it.

Anyway, I’m just finding it interesting how what used to seem like two very separate and distinct types of hobbies are starting more and more to feel like the exact same thing.

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