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“..I think we become accustomed to advertising showing products in a light that we will never see in  real life, and we accept it. We know that the thick,, juicy burger we see in the TV ad is going to be some squashed thing wrapped in paper. We know that the car isn’t going to look like the sexy thing racing around turns in the mountains. It’s going to look like a car sitting on a lot full of cars that look just like it, and will be about as sexy as a washing machine.

I view ads this way, and I view provider ads and websites this way. The photo makes her boobs look as big as basketballs; I figure if they’re softball size in real life, that would be about right. I expect her body to not be as tight or sleek or toned as in the photos. Maybe she’ll be heavier. Maybe she’ll be skinnier. She won’t have the time to set her hair in the alluring waves that cascade over her shoulders in the photos. Rather, the hair will just be straight. It’s advertising.

How faithful do you expect a provider to be to the photos in her ads or on her website. How far can she “stray” from the photos before you walk?…”

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