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Well, you’ve finally got that appointment with the provider you have been wanting to see.  Double check your e-mail and voicemail to make sure that you have not received a call or note from her that she must cancel.  As much as we hate to cancel, emergencies do come up.  I recommend that you specify your preferred method of contact beforehand.

1.  Do you have your identification?  Each provider has their own I.D. requirements.  But, at a minimum require a driver’s license.   “Why?  But, she’s already prescreened you” you ask.  Well, she has prescreened someone and wants to make sure that it is you.  If the provider has asked for more than one piece of ID, you should have it available.  These days a business card does not constitute ID.  Especially when its so easy to go online or from your home computer, print business cards with any name and company name.

2.  Have you checked to see what method of payment the provider accepts?  Most providers only accept cash.  Only a few take credit cards.  I don’t know of any who take personal checks.  If you are required to bring cash, have you checked to see how much money you have?  You may also wish to take out a little extra in the event the appointment is going so incredibly hot that you may wish to extend.  Again, please keep in mind that the provider may or may not be able to extend.  Also if you ask to extend, please be sure that you have the funds available and in hand to do so.

3.  Unless other instructions are given on her website, most providers prefer cash, in an unsealed envelope plainly in view of the provider.  This envelope should be presented at the beginning of the appointment not at the end.  Do not be offended if she checks it.  Sadly, while you may be honest, not everyone is.  DO NOT attempt to hand the provider cash.  If you do so, she may not accept it and become uneasy and end the appointment.

4.  Have you showered?  If not, and if it is an incall appointment, ask the provider if you may use her shower.  Most of you will laugh at this as you would not ever consider seeing a provider if you weren’t squeaky clean.  However, most providers have heard horror stories of men who refuse to shower or clean up saying that they took a shower in the morning (its now 5:00??).  Just as you want the provider to be clean and fresh for you, please be fresh for her.  Remember, her head may be in an area that you’ve never had to smell.  *wink*

5.  Are you a smoker?  If the provider is not a smoker, you are encouraged to brush your teeth (paying attention to your tongue as well) before arriving.  However, that is not always possible.  Most providers have mouthwash available and won’t mind your using it.  I also recommend that you ask for a wash cloth and wash your face so that the odor of TOBacco is not overpowering.  Also, if the provider is a non-smoker, she probably will not allow you to smoke during your appointment.

6.  If you were required to confirm your appointment, the evening before or the day of, have you done so?  If you have not, she may not be available as she may have rebooked the appointment.

7.  Running Late.  Everyone can run late.  We cannot control traffic, meetings, etc.  However, if you are running late, you should contact the provider with an estimated ETA for more than one reason; both as a courtesy and to make sure that she will still be able to see you.  For instance, if you are running 35-45 minutes late, she may have another appointment scheduled after yours or may have a personal obligation that she must attend to.  I’ve personally had individuals show up 30+ minutes late with no call.  On one such occasion, I had already left my incall thinking he was a no-show.

8.  Cancelling.  If you must cancel an appointment, do so as soon as you know that you are unable to make it.  If an emergency calls you out of town where you cannot cancel, it is recommended that, at your earliest opportunity, you contact the provider as she will consider your appointment a “no show.”  Every provider has guidelines for cancellations.  She may or may not be willing to reschedule you.

Again, keep in mind that while its alot of fun for both parties, this is the provider’s livelihood afterall.  She has financial obligations and possibly a family to support.  When a provider schedules an appointment for you, she is setting aside time specifically for you.  She has probably turned down other requests for your appointment time.  Be courteous and you can expect the same from her.

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