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Is this option under the search menu just a another way of saying “delisted providers” or is there something else I ‘m missing?

Read the conversation between members here:

Providers With Something To Hide –

The “something to hide” listings are providers who have in some way played “unfairly” with a client (along the lines of threatening someone over a review) or who have requested to not have reviews on the site because they have less than stellar reviews/scores.

1. Guys spend an hour creating a review and then we have to say no due to the fact that the provider is delisted. This is very frustrating.  In the very near future, this will be caught as soon as the issue is detected during the review submission.

2. Sometimes, providers get really poor scores and then scream and threaten until their profile is pulled. Guys then still see them unaware. If you see someone who is on this list… well ok.. but do not complain.

3. It may not happen often, but at times a provider may not play fair in some way.. like threatening to out someone if they do not receive a good enough review…they can be put on the list.

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