Congratulations to Goldie Knox Ms. TER September 2015!


The Interview With Goldie Knox:

As you will see, Goldie has a great sense of humor and some very memorable experiences in the hobby. She is very adventurous – read on!

TER: What do you find intriguing about this business?
Goldie: First, thank you for selecting me of the many gorgeous and talented providers here on The Erotic Review. This is a great question and there are so many different things that are intriguing in this industry for me. For me, I am very much stimulated by the ladies of the night. I love seeing their new photos, their insightful perspectives and seeing new ladies come into the business. I love seeing the evolution of a new provider and how the community receives her. I also love first dates. Nothing more intriguing than meeting someone for the first time and learning each other’s likes and dislikes in an intimate setting.

TER: Can you share a little information with our readers on how you got into the business?
Goldie: Oh this is quite the tale! Sorry, in advance for the length. So, when I was 18 I had to pay for my education myself so where does a sexy open-minded 18 year-old go? Stripping! The long and short of it though is that dancing wasn’t for me as I’m not a good hustler. I actually wanted the guys to ask ME for dances and that just doesn’t pay the bills. While dancing I found an adult store where they had private live showgirl booths where guys could get a live solo sex show. There I learned a LOT about male pleasure, as I was able to see my audience “enjoying” my performance. So many techniques and different styles of jacking off – It was very educational. Soon I was looking to boost my income and adjust my schedule to have more down time so I found an ad on Craig’s List seeking open-minded women. Well, that sounded like me so I scheduled a meeting and soon found myself offering sensual massages through an agency/group. My first 9 reviews here were given to me without knowing of this online community and my Madame referred me here as well as a few other sites so I could boost booking opportunities for myself and the group. Time passed and I was ready to manage my own stuff, got my own location and got into the groove of being fully independent. Not long after I was dating a guy who thought me being a full service companion would be really sexy and turn him on. I figured that would be OK since the main reason I restricted my menu was due to concerns in my dating life and took the plunge! Of course, soon after that, we broke up and it turned out to be a great thing, giving me more time to play with my new friends!

TER: Growing up, what did you envision yourself doing?
Goldie: This might sound crazy, but this! I thought about doing this. It must have been after seeing Pretty Woman, because I have a vivid memory of myself, on the playground in grade school, thinking to myself, “who wouldn’t want to be an escort”, though I think my word was hooker at the time. You make the rules, you make your schedule and you decide your desired income. Need a little more? Make another date. Feeling content? Go shopping! The only other profession I considered seriously considered was teaching, which I think we can agree is a bit different than this. Still, there is always time to go that route someday if I choose. Maybe I can be a sex education instructor? Heehee

TER: What has been one of the best or funniest moment in the business?
Goldie: Goodness, so many to choose from. I would have to say my favorite moment was when the power was out at a Vegas hotel. My date was in the lobby when the lights and everything went out. He texted me and I didn’t know what to do. All the power was out. Somehow he managed to sneak past security into the elevators (which were mercifully working) and came to my room. Ironically the power came back on EXACTLY when he turned his ending shower off. We both had quite the laugh, glad I had candles and that at least he could get to me. Another funny moment for me was at the same hotel. Well I drew the shower, he got in, cleansed, left and I got into the bathroom and there is a 3 inch ROACH on the ground. I had never seen a roach before so I was flipping out. Took a photo, then got the hair spray and a lighter, planning to fry the little bastard, but he ran into a crack and was never seen again. Scary and funny!

TER: Have you ever had a fantasy/role-play request that made you go ‘huh’?
Goldie: Often, yes. The two that stand out the most are ones that are requests for assault. I was requested by a man to beat the hell out of him. I mean like to a bloody pulp. I was reluctant because all it would be is my word against his if he tried to claim assault or something. I almost did it but got freaked out, thinking of the consequences. The other really weird request was from a “husband” wanting me to cut his “wife’s” hair – and to butcher it. He claimed she wanted to go pixie short but was reluctant and wanted me to surprise her with the extreme cut. I also was freaked out about this because this also could be considered assault.

TER: What do you like doing on those evenings you do not work?
Goldie: I tend to masturbate a lot. I have a slight porn addiction as well as a vibrator affinity. I love anything that goes bzzzzzzzzz. My favorite is my Magic Wand. But really, I do enjoy a good movie, even a bad movie, as well as finding time to enjoy my yoga and catch up on my reading.

TER: Do you discuss your work with your friends and/or family? If so, how did you go about telling them what you do?
Goldie: With my family? No. With friends? Yes. If you are my true friend, you know what time it is with my profession. I have a lot going on in my life and those who are lucky enough to share those moments with me need to know my real life and know the real me. I am a sensual and sexual being – this is just how I am and if you don’t like it there are billions of other people for you to spend time with so live and let live. I am all about positivity and growth. It’s hard to grow when you have to hide or oppress your true nature.

TER: People are always talking about bucket lists nowadays. Do you have one? What’s on it?
Goldie: Nope. No bucket list for me. I tend to live by the seat of my pants. I’m also a little young for a bucket list. I guess if I had to choose something I want to be sure I do before I go on to the next great adventure, it would be to enjoy a certain Broadway show (on Broadway) and to party with the cast after. Message me to find out which show – too much of a giveaway to my secret identity to say here.

TER: If you never had to work again, money was no object, what would you do with your time?
Goldie: Wow, what a thought! I’m not really sure to be honest. I would likely invest in my home, update the property, maybe put in a pool or perhaps move all together and put my place on AirBNB or something. I would certainly travel, purchase tons of shoes, dresses and lingerie. I would also get some adult toys too.

TER: What is your favorite food? What is the most exotic dish you have ever tried?
Goldie: Sushi sushi sushi! I love tuna, taco and shrimp! For me I am always a little scared to try new foods. I hate getting something and not liking it, it feels so wasteful as I can’t be polite enough to choke something down that I’m not enjoying. I am happy to try something you may have ordered but I am reluctant to order something new. I usually get a filet (medium) and a glass of champagne.

TER: What do you consider an ideal date? Where would go, what would you do?
Goldie: An ideal date to me would be someone who enjoys intimacy and is laid back. For me, I would really prefer quality over quantity when it comes to bookings. I just love being able to be my silly self, cracking jokes and making silly faces while cuddling nude. I enjoy oral, both giving and receiving – so that’s always a sure way to make a date enjoyable for each of us. I prefer longer dates so if we have time I would love to attend a show or enjoy a show.

TER: What country or place, that you have never been, would you like to go? Why?
Goldie: Australia! I want to dive the reef ASAP as it’s in decline. I also want to see the Great Wall of China and experience shopping in Paris. I would also love to find an opportunity to go on a solo trek in the forest or wilderness only using topographical maps to find my way. I’m thinking like a month or two, with checkpoints for my rations and to check in with the rangers. I would truly love the isolation of nature and to really get in touch with the energy of my inner thoughts, as well as the movements of everything around me on this earth. I consider the stillness of the wilderness and the freedom of social expectations and obligations to be bliss.

TER: How do you feel about being Ms. TER?
Goldie: I’m somewhat shocked actually! But, of course, really pleased. I am happy to be the first San Diego provider to be considered for this slot. So thank you! I always have such a rush when I meet people at the socials and they say “hello I am so-and-so” and I reply “Hello I am Goldie Knox” and they go “YOU’RE GOLDIE KNOX???!” It’s quite flattering to be seen as someone somewhat infamous. At least in this community.

TER: How do you stay in such great shape?
Goldie: I am blessed with amazing genetics coupled with a mainly salad diet. No, not a vegetarian because I love cheeseburgers! I have my own home gym but it’s pretty basic; some free weights, an elliptical, trampoline, jump rope and a stepper. I also focus on my diet a little more lately by adding hard boiled eggs (no salt), going protein style with my burgers (it saves almost 100 calories), swapping meals for larger salads (minimal dressing or opt for a vinaigrette), as well as consuming copious amounts of water. Cutting out the booze helps a lot too!

TER: What do you do in your free time?
Goldie: Free time? I do not offer free time. Ha, get it? Anyway. In my down time, I enjoy reading, arts, movies and working on my house. I just recently spent the past three days beginning landscaping my front yard. I had a review mentioning the exterior being less than they expected (which I didn’t care for obviously, however the review put my butt in gear and I began updating my exterior within hours of the review being posted). It’s actually a good feeling – no pressure, but some Home Depot funds could be a big help. I’m resurfacing my front to be pebbles due to the drought concerns in SoCal, as dead grass is not appealing, am I right?

TER: Anything else you would like to tell members about yourself?
Goldie: Anything else? Hmmm. I hope people know I am very sweet and nice in person. My online personal can come off as harsh, bitchy, mean or strong and yes, even opinionated. But I am a free spirit. My overall attitude is a positive outlook. I don’t get hung up on the drama although I do feel a bit affected by it. I am sensitive and fragile at heart despite my spiky exterior. Perhaps that’s why the forum attitude front? Not sure. I didn’t study psychology. I love champagne. I love beer. I love dancing and acting like a fool. And, I love doing photo shoots (I have done 4 professional ones since January 2015).

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