Reach Out: The Sexuality Of Touch

Guest Feature by Jon Pressick It is often said that we need to remember that our brains are our biggest sex organs. Well, surely this true in a more figurative sense, because it isn’t literally true. Indeed, we’re not supposed to think of our genitals as being primary in the sexual realm, but we are forgetting our actual largest organ of the body: our skin. Our outer layer. The soft and sensitive flesh that pulls so many sexual feelings and encounters into our souls by way of touch. Of all of our senses, touch seems the most explicitly linked to sex and sexual activity. Really, it almost seems an oxymoron to say the phrase “sexual touch.” All of our sex education—formal or otherwise—prepares us for the good and the bad, the thrilling and the painful, the awesome and the awful tactile feelings and sensations we will experience with sex. Or, more specifically, sex with someone else. That’s the crux—sex and touch are indelibly linked when we conceive of them being linked by our own

Source: Reach Out: The Sexuality Of Touch

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