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“…I’ve been in the hobby long enough to realize that almost all photos are old and the best ones a provider has ever taken.
I am often surprised that other reviewers are not honest when a provider does not look at all like her photos.
I have been castigated for even mentioning in a review that a supposed super hard body was now showing a tummy.
Several years ago I was black listed for writing a seemingly positive review, but mentioning that the provider was now older and heavier than her photos.
I have on several occasions walked out on a “date” when the provider turned out to be not at all like her photos.
Tonight I met a low-cost provider who had very solid TER reviews.  She also had good reviews on other sites.  I expected her to be maybe 10 lbs heavier than her photos.  I was shocked to find she was 50 lbs over and much older.
She had requested I bring an expensive bottle of champagne.
I told her that I was disappointed that she didn’t match her photos, but that she was welcome to the $50 bottle of champagne and I left.
She is now threatening me with black listing, I got a text message from BadBoyReprot.kr saying that my number had been posted.  She says that I suggested a bad act in a text and she knows a good attorney (that seems unlikely to me).
My questions are two:
– what is reasonable protocol when a provider has massively misrepresented themselves?
– what do I do now to allow myself to pursue this hobby?  New cell phone number?  Is there a counter action to the blacklisting?  I have never posted a review when I have walked out on a date before.  I emailed the provider and offered to not post if she would be reasonable and stop the hate attack.
From past experience I am aware that providers look down on even the most subtle negative in a review.  I suspect that hate attacks like this cause hobbyists to not write honest reviews which then hurts those of us who count on those reviews and get burned.
Advice would be appreciated.  For now I’m super happy that I have a regular that I can go to.
I did several searches looking for a similar topic and I’m sure others have been in this boat….”

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