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“…My “hobby” match is a passionate, sensual, erotic man that likes to kiss and is happy to be the dominant partner in bed. I’m a pretty sexually traditional woman.. except for you know.. being a bisexual escort lol. I try my very best to market myself to those that fit my sexual proclivities.

I’ve a had a couple of mismatch experiences recently and they were just no fun for either of us. Two submissives alone in one bed makes for a pretty boring time lol. I didn’t know how to take the lead and he didn’t want to take the lead.. not good.

I think most of the ladies do a really great job of marketing who they are, GFE, PSE, sub, dom, kinky, vanilla.. whatever. And I think it works most of the time… doms find their subs, kinksters find their playmate, GFE guys find their GFE girl and everyone’s happy and satisfied. But sometimes, there’s a mismatch and a funny story to go with it I imagine…”

So what’s your sexual match? Have you ever had a mismatch?

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