5 things you’ve always wanted to ask an escort..??

Ava St. Clarie, a luxury VIP companion from Orlando, answers the five burning questions on your mind which you’ve always wanted to ask.

Do you get aroused and wet every time you have sex with a client?

For me, there is no bigger turn on than being desired. Theres something deeply powerful and exhilarating about being the object of someones lust. So while I might not have an instant, physical attraction to every client, just knowing that Im fulfilling a fantasy of theirs goes a long way towards getting me aroused. The day I stop getting excited about what I do is the day that Ill quit! But the truth is, mental arousal doesnt always go hand-in-hand with physical arousal. Everything from hormones to your mood to the length of time that youre aroused can change how wet you get. Condoms, too, can cause uncomfortable dryness and lead to a lot of unwanted friction. This is why I always make sure to bring plenty of lubricant! Ive found that Sliquid Organics makes the absolute best all-natural, unscented, and completely tasteless lube on the market.

Of course, even I have days when Im just not in the mood, mentally or physically.  If its just a mental thing, Ive found that a sexy pre-date ritual makes all the difference in the world. A long, hot bath with one of my favorite toys (or even just my detachable showerhead) usually does the trick! On the other hand, if Im not in the mood because of a physical issue, I always cancel and reschedule. If Im sick, sore, or even just exhausted, I cant give my clients the kind of incredible experience that they deserve. Faking an orgasm is one thing, but faking enjoyment for the entire session is unfair to me and my client.


For sleepover sessions, is there actually any sleep or is the night just full of sex?

This is one of those things that really depends on the escort. For me, an “overnight” is 14 hours (usually 7 pm to 9 am) and I require at least 6 hours of sleep time and one full meal. Honestly, I think that marathon sex sessions that last all night are one of those things that are usually far sexier in your imagination than they are in reality! No one is impeccably groomed, fabulously charming, and perfectly agreeable — with boundless energy and enthusiasm to boot — 24 hours a day. So the longer you’re with a client, the harder it can be to keep up the fantasy. My hair and makeup at 3:30 am is not going to look like it did at 8 pm, and I guarantee you that I’m not quite so sweet and pleasant when running on two hours of sleep! Insisting that overnight dates include at least some time to sleep and recharge is just my way of ensuring that my client gets the best possible version of me for the entire date.

What happens when a client happens to be someone you know?

I have a fairly thorough pre-screening process for new clients, and the very first thing I ask them for is their full legal name. So I never really worry about being surprised by who’s on the other side of the door when we meet. But I did actually have someone I knew contact me for an appointment once. Because my face is at least partially blurred in all of my photos and because I use a stage name, he had no idea that “Ava St. Claire” was actually a girl he had gone on a date with years ago. In a situation like that, I think it’s only fair to come clean to the client as soon as possible, or (if you’d rather they didn’t find out about your alter ego) cancel the date immediately. In my case, I ended up telling the client who I was so that he could decide whether or not he was still interested in meeting. Talk about awkward! Luckily, he was still interested. One thing’s for sure… He certainly has a type!


What’s the difference between a girlfriend experience and a porn star experience?

The way I see it, the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) and the Pornstar Experience (PSE) satisfy two very different needs. GFE is about more of an emotional connection. A GFE date is much more like a traditional date where there’s a genuine desire to get to know each other, make each other happy, and share something that should feel natural and intimate. Whereas a PSE date is about pushing limits, trying new things, and experiencing the kind of fantasy that most people only get to see in, well, porn. If you want someone to ask you about your day, rub your back, and gaze into your eyes while you make love, you’re looking for a GFE. If you want someone to try every position in the book, talk dirty while you pull their hair, and let you give them a facial, you’re looking for a PSE. Of course, I’m definitely oversimplifying the whole thing. Some GFE escorts can (and do) deep-throat a client to the point of gagging and some PSE escorts can (and do) cuddle and kiss. There’s plenty of overlap and there are lots of women offer both services. But generally speaking, that’s what you might expect from the two different sets. Personally, I consider myself more of the GFE type. I enjoy longer sessions where we have time to laugh and talk and let things progress in a natural way. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with a client who just wants to get in, get off, and get out — those can certainly be fun, too! But I definitely feel that what I’m best at is making strangers feel like old friends and putting my clients at ease to the point where they forget that it’s a service at all.

Have you ever ended a session suddenly?

Knock on wood, I’ve only ever had to leave one session unexpectedly. It was actually the first and last time I ever accepted an outcall to someone’s private residence. When I arrived, the client was sitting in his driveway chatting and smoking with a friend. All my alarm bells started ringing at once. First off, I think it’s incredibly rude to smoke immediately before a session, especially with a non-smoking escort. It’s disgusting to kiss someone whose mouth smells and tastes like cigarette butts! Secondly, when we make an appointment, I expect to see you and only you, unless otherwise discussed. There should never, ever be anyone with you that I haven’t screened and agreed to see in advance. Needless to say, I never even got out of the car. At the time, I was working with an agency so as soon as I left, I called them up to let them know what happened (or, rather, didn’t happen) and they took care of letting the client know why I left. Now that I’m independent, I’ve made it a rule that I only book outcall appointments at upscale hotels. I really value discretion and there are just too many variables and things out of my control when I visit people in their homes, like weird neighbors!

As one of Orlandos only luxury VIP escorts, Ava St. Claire is the perfect elite companion for any and every occasion. With so much to discover and explore together, why not truly indulge yourself with a relaxed, leisurely evening in her company? Having grown up in New York, the cultural capital of the world, Ava has a deep love of fine dining, the theater, and live music of all sorts and would be thrilled to share any of those experiences with you. 

Images courtesy of Ava St. Claire

Original article you can find here: http://simplysxy.com/articles/2015/09/10/5-things-youve-always-wanted-to-ask-an-escort/

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