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“..Is there a difference between a hobbyist, a client, and a trick?  I realize that, technically, they all describe the same thing:  A person who pays to be in the company of ESCORTS (whatever that may entail).  But the more I read these boards, the more I realize that there seem to be definite “types” of customers out there that seem to fall into a few categories. If we were to stop using all of these labels indiscriminately, as a sort of catchall for anyone who has ever hired a call girl, how would you describe each group?

For me, a Hobbyist is someone who truly treats this as a hobby.  They regularly spend money on it (at least weekly or monthly), they’re well versed in industry-specific terminology and initialisms, they often take pride in the sheer number of ESCORTS that they’ve been with, and they’re quick to offer advice to anyone who asks (and often many who don’t). Many consider ESCORTS more or less interchangeable and more like notches on a bedpost or accomplishments than like individuals. Hobbyists rarely, if ever, pay to spend non-physical time with a provider (dining out, seeing a show, etc.), though some may enjoy OTC time with a favorite.

A Trick, on the other hand, would be someone who has virtually no respect for the women in the industry.  These are the people who simultaneously crave and despise the very women that they pay to be with. Tricks truly believe that any woman who works as an escort must lack the necessary social graces, intelligence, or moral compass to do anything else.  They are dismissive of any rules or boundaries that give ESCORTS control over their own bodies and businesses and openly express contempt for providers who they feel think too highly of themselves (by charging more than they think the escort is worth, having rules that the trick deems unnecessary, using screening methods that the Trick feels are too intrusive, etc.).

Lastly, I feel that a Client is the kind of person who sees their interaction with ESCORTS as something that ought to be mutually enjoyable (not just orgasm-inducing/financially rewarding).  These are the people who are usually the most respectful of an escort’s time and boundaries and endeavor to make themselves at least somewhat appealing to the provider. Clients may hire ESCORTS for multi-hour dates that extend beyond the physical, because they have a genuine interest in the provider as a person, or simply enjoy the feeling of being seen in the company of an attractive woman.


Anyway, it should go without saying, but this is just MY personal opinion.  I know that not everyone fits neatly into one category and there are some who defy categorization altogether lol.  But what about you?  How would you describe the differences between a Hobbyist, Trick, and Client?  …”

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