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These guidelines are subject to change:

-Daily Thread can only be started by DiscussionBoardAdmin
– Providers and agencies/assistants may post once per day
– Subject line: ONLY name and  location allowed (agencies should include model’s name, not the agency’s name; assistants can include the TER ID)
– All CAPS not allowed
– Reply to Admin’s post, not another provider’s post when posting photo
– No contact information (phone, email, website) allowed on photo
– Poster cannot post a photo for another person
– Photographer’s watermark and/or provider’s name allowed on photo; (imagecoast is allowed)
– Photo, when clicked, should not go to any website/web ad
– Photo should be used only once in a month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc)
– Photo should be tasteful nudity and should not show any sexual act.  Photos which display  gentalia, such as open legged, spread eagle or bare all is not allowed.  Admin as the final say.
– Make sure you want to post the pic – we will not remove same day post
-No Reply allowed – This is a Photo Only Board
-Once a new photo thread is started by admin, photo can not be posted under old thread.
-Photo should stay on hosted site for at least 30 days after posted on photo board, otherwise it will be removed.