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Based off the rendezvous I’ve had, I’ve experienced YMMV on both sides of the fence. I’m curious as to what makes you ladies sway one way or the other. Here’s my list of variables that play a crucial part whether us “gents” get the better end of the deal when it comes to “YMMV”.

1) Your mood
2) How attractive the guy is to you
3) The length of appointment (I would think longer ones definitely increase the odds)
4) The gent’s hygiene
5) Time of appointment (For example, morning versus the afternoon or evening)
6) Is the gent a “first timer” or a “regular” (This one has to be the most important)

I’m sure there are other reasons. Please chime in with your replies. ……

Check conversation between member here:  http://buff.ly/1DOtPDW