Men Reveal Their Thoughts On Using Lube During Sex

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Flickr / James TrimarcoFlickr / James Trimarco

Though it’s easy to buy a sexual lubricant (different varieties are available at drugstores, in specialty shops … or online if you’re shy about your life) … what isn’t always easy is introducing the topic (and use) of lubricant to your guy.

Some women feel embarrassed to mention the slippery stuff—or lack thereof—in the heat of the moment, but they shouldn’t!

Vaginal dryness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not turned on. Normal hormonal changes during a woman’s menstrual cycle can cause this. It’s also a common side effect of medication—from chemotherapy, to asthma inhalers, to over-the-counter antihistamines. The chemicals in your shower gel, perfume, or the detergent used to wash your skivvies are also to blame.

“I think that there is sometimes a stigma when a woman wants to introduce lube into the relationship,” says Suzanne Kongkeo, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Astroglide. “Sometimes the woman…

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