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What was the hobby/provider world like before the Internet?

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the explosive growth of technology the past 20 years has done much to make adult entertainment more “mainstream”. While there is still strong opposition from many elements of society there seems to be a greater access and acceptance of this “alternative” life. Sometimes this world at times has a sort of “hip” underground feel to it!! (If you’ve ever been to a M&G you’ll understand why I made that statement LOL!!)

When I compare modern day porn (films, magazines, etc) to the porn of 30-40 years ago it seems like everything that was adult entertainment related in those years had a disreputable, sleazy and dangerous aura surrounding it. My questions are…for those who participated in the “hobby” during the 70’s and 80’s how much different was the experience? What were the normal procedures (if any) for procuring a date? How much harder was the process? Were STD’s more prevalent?

I’d be very interested to hear responses from anyone involved in the “life” during that time—compared to the present day it just seems like it was so much more difficult back then to participate (either hobbyist or provider) safely and with mutual enjoyment!!

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