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So far so good…but what to do if a nightmare becomes reality!

The body is an amazing vessel we get hiccups for who knows what reason.  We sneeze and need a tissue.  On occasion we need to burp at an inopportune time.  Hell I have been with a lady or two that her kitty belches at times and she may feel uneasy but I say something like ” your body loves what happening, let it happen” to ease tensions.

But what if nature takes its course and the body needs to rid itself of gas?  You are getting a massage and she pushes the right place or worse, she is playing and licking nearby.  Many massages places are a series of rooms, not like you can just run out into the lobby.  Me I am a guy, if it was a lady that had it happen by accident, I’d probably laugh out loud.  But being a gentleman around ladies I would be horrified, I do would probably turn sheet red excusing myself and want to shower for 20 minutes before I returned!

I know I know…it won’t ever happen don’t worry…well I worry! lol

Ladies…what do you suggest?

Guys…I am scared to ask!

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