Love desserts? Welcome to the world of sploshing, a festish like no other….

If you love a good food fight, sploshing may be for you! This crazy yet delicious fetish involves ‘someone spending the better half of an evening rubbing vanilla-scented cake batter all over their junk’. It’s known as WAM, a world of Wet And Messy people who love wet and messy things. Read more here:

The Real Reasons Why Guys Cheat

We may never understand why Arnold fathered a child with a member of his household staff and kept it a secret from his wife Maria for a whopping 10 years. But we do have a pretty good idea of what made the Governator hook up with the other woman in the first place. That’s because…

Is Hobbying/Providing About Sex, $$$ or Power?

Bear with me this is going to seem strange but it will make sense in the end.  Trust me. The other day I was at a professional event.  This has happened to me alot over the course of my career and I still fucking love it.  There were about 200 people at this event and…

Tell Us Your Story !!

How and why did you get into the hobby? Post your story on  the Erotic Highway Board If you do not want to post using your username or alias, then send us your story to You can sign it as you want it to appear; otherwise, we will post without a name.

Did You Know ????

Did you know? Non-VIP members can read PMs sent by TER Support Members with a recurring monthly VIP subscription will not see these days in their Account Manager. Only days from Quarterly, Annual or days earned via reviews and Problem Reports will be in the Account Manager ‘Report A Problem’ should only be used to…

Happy Veterans Day !!!

God Bless the brave men and women who risked their lives. Thank you for your service and have a Happy Veterans Day!